My favourite things

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages tided up with string these are a few of my favourite things.

Anyone else sing that? No just me? Okay.

Today I’m going to be telling you a few of my favourite things.

As you may have guessed from the start one of my favourite things is musicals.

I can’t tell you my favourite musical because I honestly don’t know but some of my favourites are:



-The Greatest showman

-The Sound Of Music



Dance. I have done dance for 10 years and I am now doing ballet, tap and musical theatre.

The next thing I love is a clothing item. Jumpsuits, playsuits, whatever you want to call them. I began to like jumpsuits when I went to London and bought a jumpsuit there. That is also what began the love for my favourite shop.

Zara. It’s my favourite shop hands down. Sadly I don’t have one where I live so I have to go the other end of the country to get stuff from there.

England. The only place in England I’ve been is London and it was amazing, I hope I get an opportunity to travel more around England in the future.

Harry Potter. This might explain part of my love for England. I first read the Harry Potter books probably about six years ago and I loved them. Going on the studio tour and getting to see the model of Hogwarts was probably the best moment of my life.

Lastly my cat. She’s the fluffiest, cutest thing I have ever seen, she also has a massive fluffy tail.

So those are a few of my favourite things comment below what your favourite things are!

18 Goals for 2018

Happy new year everyone! I hope this is a great year for you all!

So I’m really bad at sticking to goals but I thought this year I’d give my self a variety of goals to work at so here they are!

1. Finish Les Misérables by the end of the year. I got the book for Christmas and it is so long (about 1130 pages) so the book itself is quite heavy and I get so tired reading it because I feel like I’m going to drop it on my face😂

2. Get all three of my splits. I’ve had my right splits for a couple of years and yesterday I got my left ones but it has been a goal of my to get all three for ages.

3. Exercise more regularly.

4. Eat more fruit and vegetables.

5. Keep more in contact with friends that I don’t see very often.

6. Be able to consistently do double pirouettes.

7. Read a bigger variety of books.

8. Come up with and stick to a skincare routine.

9. Get a stronger core

10. Only buy the things I REALLY need.

11. Drink more water.

12. Be outside more during term time, not just the holidays.

13. Get 3000 followers on Instagram.

14. Post weekly on this blog.

15. Try a new hobbies.

16. Not be on my iPad as much, especially before bed.

17. Take more photos.

18. Don’t procrastinate!

These are my goals for this year, I’ll be doing monthly updates on them and the progress I’ve made.

Comment any new year goals or resolutions you have!

-BlissBlogger xx

How to handle long car trips

I’m going to be driving to my grandparents place in the weekend which is roughly nine hours away. Being in a car for long periods of time can be so boring so I thought I’d give you some tips to make it slightly more bearable.

1. Have lots of food and water. It can be so uncomfortable if you are in the middle of nowhere and you have no food or water. I mean if your in a car and your driving you’ll get to a town eventually but it can make the trip seem shorter if your not hungry or thirsty.

2. Have some kind of entertainment if your driving obviously focus on the road but as a passenger things can get real boring real fast. If you can sleep, it passes the time so much faster. If you can read or do some kind of activity without getting sick do that. I usually can’t read of watch movies in the car so I usually just listen to music. Have a good playlist you can listen to will help, not a playlist with random music.

3. Make the most of stops. When you stop in a town to get lunch or go to the toilet make the most of it. You don’t know how much longer you’ll have to go with a stop. When you get lunch if it’s a nice day sit outside or walk around it’ll make you feel better if you’ve been in a car all day.

4. Wear comfortable clothes. It is going to be awful sitting in a car all day in something you’re not comfortable in. You don’t need to look amazing hardly anyone will see because you’ll be in the car the whole time.

5. If nothing is working for you just enjoy the scenery.

I hope some of these tips are helpful comment below if you have anything you do on long car trips that make them better.

-BlissBlogger xx

What not to do at the movies

I have a really funny story. I’m quite bad at retelling story’s so I apologise if I make it not funny.

So a couple of Fridays ago me and a friend went to the movie wonder. This is the first stupid thing we did. The food at the movies is always really over priced. We walked to the dairy and we got drinks which were cheap and then went to get lollies. The chocolate bars were a few dollars each and packets of lollies were 3 or 4 dollars. This was the first time we realised we were idiots, ten minutes earlier we had been at Kmart and had not bought anything, lollies at Kmart are between 1 and 2.50 dollars. By now it was too late to go back to Kmart so we bought the over priced lollies.

The second thing that happened was that I bought us a large popcorn to share and she was going to pay me half of the price. The half price was something like this 3 or 4 dollars and 45 cents. In New Zealand there are no one or two cent coins so she spent a few minutes trying to work out how to give me five cents but she just gave me ten and we went into the theatre.

Everything was going really well until half way through the movie. The popcorn was resting on my arm. You can probably guess what happened next. Yep, I moved my arm and the box of popcorn fell upside down on the floor. Over half of the popcorn ended up on the floor in front of us and under the chair in front of us. The pile of popcorn on the floor was so large that most of the popcorn wasn’t touching the floor. So we ate the stuff not touching the floor. At this point we were both dying of laughter. She put the popcorn beside her and forgot about it until nearly the end of the movie. Then we ate it like normal people without getting it on the floor.

I feel kinda bad for the poor person who can to clean the theatre because there was A LOT of popcorn under that chair.

-BlissBlogger xx

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